Friday, August 20, 2010

English lesson one.

I have decided to give a quick English lesson. This is dedicated to those who are not aware of the basic laws of English. Please take note of this and if need be, write it down or at the very least store it in your mental pocket.

"My daughter are driving me crazy." No people, this is not how we speak English, infact it’s not even how the Poms speak English and they suck at it!

Now please concentrate.

It is, “My daughter is driving me crazy.”

I don’t want to overdo it in one day, I wouldn’t want to fry your brains. Now read closely.

It’s not “Me and my wife.” It is “My wife and I.”

I hope that wasn’t too much to take in on one day.

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  1. Next post, tell them that you do not say, "I am working in this town for five years now!"